My top 5 Viewpoints:

1. I will never settle for less than I desire in life.

2. I stand up against the “status quo.”

3. I love traveling and experiencing culture.

4. I will never depend on a job.

5. Why do people hesitate to take a chance on themselves?

My Story:

I always knew there was more to life than clocking into a mediocre job, having only 2 weeks of vacation, and feeling constantly overwhelmed by the day-to-day.

There are two sides to each coin we flip. Growing up, we are told that one side is comfortable and safe, while the other is risky and uncertain.

What I’ve discovered is that life is uncertain. You’re not guaranteed tomorrow, so why not make the most of each day?

As a member of the millennial generation, I’ve grown up seeing our parents work hard for 40+ years. I’ve also witnessed many later have their social security or pensions cut upon retirement.

This was not the lifestyle I wanted to create for myself. By age 29 I had been laid off four times, filed for bankruptcy, and found myself continuously redefining my career to fit the ever-changing job market. I was financially and emotionally stressed, overwhelmed, drained, and unsure of how to turn my life around.

I had to do something different.

So how did I get to where I am today?

I rediscovered my passions and realigned myself with what truly made me happy, alive and fulfilled. I spent time reconnecting with myself, traveling, practicing yoga, meditation, reading, creating art and immersing myself in nature.

I reflected on how I was raised and the values my parents instilled in me. My dad was a self-employed accountant whose busy schedule only last about 6 months out of the year. And my mom homeschooled my sister and I through middle school so that we could travel together, create memories and take our assignments along with us. This lifestyle ruined me for life (in the best way possible)!

Each year we spent a large portion of the year traveling and living in other places because my parents had designed a lifestyle that allowed us to create a life based on living our values and passions.

I wanted to create a freedom-based lifestyle for myself.

But I didn’t know how until I was introduced to a concept that would change my mindset forever. I was introduced to a business model that allowed me to travel the world and show others how to do the same.

My life changed when I began mentoring and coaching people how to create the lifestyle of their dreams. I did this by helping people discover (or rediscover) their passions, identify lifestyle choices that were holding them back, and creating a proactive game plan to get them moving toward their goals and dreams.

There are 5 key elements you need to integrate into your life in order to become a “Master in the Art of Living:”

1. Live Your Passions
2. Do What You Love
3. Practice Consistent Self Care
4. Create Financial Freedom
5. Continue Personal Growth & Development

As a Lifestyle Empowerment Coach, I truly believe that everyone has the potential to design a lifestyle that allows them to wake up excited to start each day. I look forward to the magic we will create together as we embark on this journey of self-discovery!


Meet Tonia!

Several years ago I did something I never thought I would do…

I became an entrepreneur. I graduated college during the peak of the recession and quickly realized that the economy did not have my back.

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