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Meet Tonia!

Several years ago I did something I never thought I would do…

I became an entrepreneur. I graduated college during the peak of the recession and quickly realized that the economy did not have my back.

In the span of five years I was laid off multiple times. Each experience left me feeling more helpless, invaluable and even more disposable. Over the years I found myself interviewing and applying for jobs with fear-based perspectives from the past. I felt like a fraud as I desperately kept trying to reinvent myself so that I could fit the “employee” mold.

It wasn’t working.
I wasn’t succeeding playing the role.
I was over the day-to-day grind.
It was time for me to create my own definition of success!


The truth is, I was “ruined” from the start. I had grown up knowing how it felt to live a “free,” independent lifestyle. My dad was self-employed, and his work schedule allowed us to vacation and travel as a family nearly 6-months out of the year. And because my sister and I were home-schooled, we were able to live and travel to different parts of the world by simply taking our assignments along with us.

Being a self-employed accountant gave my dad a comfortable lifestyle, but I always heard him saying that he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up because he had chosen a “realistic” career over his passion.

It was important to my parents that my sister and I to go to college and earn a degree. They were big proponents of the Baby Boomer philosophy to get a good education and land a “good job.” However, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I fully acknowledge that there was never going to be a job that was “good enough” for me.

Even though I wasn’t fully aware of it growing up, the freedom-based lifestyle my parents had created had shaped the standards for how I wanted to live my life.

The best piece of advice my dad ever gave me was to live without regret and choose to pursue a career that I would love. But how does a 20-something year old really know what they want to spend the rest of their life doing? What I love about my generation (the Millennials) is that we value experiencing and seeing what this world has to offer.

I, like you, know what it feels like to be pigeon-holed into picking a career before we’ve truly had a chance to even experience where our passions and purpose may lie. It may have taken me 20+ years of experiencing disappointment, financial struggles, bankruptcy, self-doubt, horrible bosses, failing and choosing to get back up again. The point is I made it. I kept my eye on the light at the end of the tunnel and kept on pursuing my dreams, despite what everyone else said I “should” do.

I was met with resistance and skepticism rather than support when I started my first business, especially from my parents and close friends. I felt like I had zero credibility. After all I’d been laid off multiple times, was racking up thousands of dollars in debt trying to make my business succeed, and was barely getting by on unemployment benefits and living off credit cards.

I felt the shift happening, I was growing more and more disheartened and disenchanted with applying to another employer just to embrace the possibility that they could decide to lay me off again at a moments notice. I lost faith in the “American Dream” my parents were still encouraging me to pursue.

By age 27 I made a vow to myself, I would retire from the 40/40/40 Plan – Working 40 hours a week for the next 40 years to retire on only 40% of my pay. I set a new life goal for myself, one that was based around actually being able to enjoy and live my life based on my own set of rules. This was when I discovered what it meant to be a Lifestyle Designer, someone who creates a lifestyle, career, and relationships that are in alignment with what is important to them. Not what society and others have decided for us.

This was a turning point in my life because it was not only the most liberating, but also the most terrifying. For the first time in my life I fully assumed responsibility for my decisions and the direction my life would then take. For the first time I allowed myself to really identify, feel and embrace where my values and my priorities lay. This was my chance to be the CEO of me, and this powerful realization is what triggered me to begin attracting the right people, situations and resources into my life that helped me advance my business and create true financial freedom.

These struggles became my greatest teachers, these breakthroughs pushed me above and beyond my limits over and over. And because I chose myself over my circumstances, my mess became my message and today I am proof that anything is possible!

I want to inspire and encourage you to take a chance on yourself, even if this is the first time in your life that you’ve allowed yourself to do so, it’s never too late. I’m here to help you create your message, shift your mentality, think outside of the 40/40/40 plan, experience what it feels like to play in your own life, and perhaps break a few rules along the way so that you can create your own definition of success. Are you ready to change your life? Let’s create something epic together!

Be bold, break the mold.

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Meet Tonia!

Several years ago I did something I never thought I would do…

I became an entrepreneur. I graduated college during the peak of the recession and quickly realized that the economy did not have my back.

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